CONCEPTGreeting from our CEO

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Greeting from our CEO

 Since its creation, CHO&Company has been generating new businesses together with the Japanese telecommunications carrier companies.

 Beginning with our 1X Communication Module to support our M2M Business, we earned trust from many clients by commercializing unique technologies such as SNS service platform development, or with the commercialization of the world’s very first Android tablet so-called “Hikari i-Frame”.

 With the communications environment getting remarkably advanced, together with smartphones saturation and overflowed services, this period is reputed to make it hard for forecasters to see the future.

 CHO&Company is setting IOT solutions as our next growth engine, and we started in 2014 to expand our IOT core solutions – LTE router related products. In 2015, we will fully apply the HTML 5 technology to drastically increase devices flexibility with OS-free, while deploying sensor-related solutions and devices.

 We are still small, but we aim to be a powerful partner for our clients through quick moves and smart products manufacturing.

 Thank you for your continuous support.

Chief Executive Officer